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  • Sushi, Sake, Shrine...
    Charm of Japan Compressed in a Walking Distance

    Shiogama is a town located along the coast of Miyagi Prefecture and about half an hour train / car ride from Sendai. Since ancient times, the town has been admired by Kyoto aristocrats for its beauty and rich culture.
    Today, it is still a fantastic place to go. It features one of the richest seafood and sushi culture in the whole region, as well as famous sake breweries. Enchanting Shiogama Shrine is another must-see spot of the town, together with the town's traditional salt-making ceremony, which gave the town its name. Furthermore, unlike other cities which have been invaded by nationwide franchises, Shiogama is still richly illuminated with individually-owned stores and restaurants. Their service, products and food are genuinely Shiogama-specific and will astonish you with their cultural depth and sheer quality.
    Most remarkable of all, all those are within well walkable distance, packed in this compact city with endless discovery. It is an ideal place to spend a day or two if you are coming nearby to enjoy real charm of Japan.

  • Shiogama and Its "4S"

    You'll be surprised to find out that the small town of Shiogama is an amazing treasure box. Its "5S—Sushi, Sake, Shrine, Sweet and Small Shops" are all within walking distance, and all in their finest!


    Shiogama is well-known for its high-quality sushi. There are a number of great sushi restaurants in the town, each offering unique taste and presentation.


    Shiogama has 2 amazing sake breweries—Saura and Abekan. Both of them are more than 100 years old and have range of great sake products.


    Shiogama Shrine is of highest importance in the whole Tohoku region. The shrine made the town a place to long for ancient Kyoto aristocrats, and it's still a fantastic place to visit.


    From traditional "dango" sweets to contemporary french macaroon, another face of Shiogama is a "town of sweets".
  • Where is Shiogama?

    You can reach Shiogama easily by train (Senseki-line) or car.

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